My Vision

All beings are free to belong & thrive in this world as their authentic selves, and we live in unity & reciprocity.

My Mission

To liberate one individual at a time by leading with love and through transformational coaching.

Our Values

My work is guided by 4 core values. See the sections below this one for our commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and our Community Agreements.

THWA values taking full ownership of this ever-changing, uncertain learning process that is life. We believe progress is not linear and we are committing to be in the process together, walking through every valley and mountain together as fellow messy humans.

THWA values the bold uniqueness of each individual, and we accept the daily challenge of carving a path aligned with our truth. We uphold the individual as the greatest expert on their own lives. We encourage and allow individuals to show up in their full human complexity, and we challenge boxes, binaries, and all-or-nothing thinking.

THWA values conscious connection with self, community, and the natural world as a baseline for gaining new perspective, understanding, and empathy that enable us to live truly fulfilling lives. We believe that by seeking to honor the wisdom of our bodies, of others, and of natural beings, we can disrupt exploitation and ignorance, and discover true freedom as a connected community.

THWA values holding every transformational journey with compassion, opening space for vulnerability, trust, and raw humanity. To honor your unfolding transformational process, we believe in meeting you where you are, choosing empathy over grasping for solutions, and we celebrate your wins alongside you. We are deeply grateful for the trust you place in us to walk along with you on your path.

J.E.D.I Principles

The Heart Wants Adventure (THWA) strives to provide an inclusive community, to use gender-inclusive language, and to eliminate ableist language and ideas in our practice. We believe that Black Lives Matter, celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community, and support the rematriation of Native Land. This is how we "do" justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion:

  • Our community centers those who have been harmed, while "calling in" those who have done harm/violated community agreements. 
  •  We openly identify power dynamics and where they show up in our community
  • We donate 10% of profits to causes such as The Trevor Project, local mutual aid funds, and tribal rematriation efforts.
  • I work to maintain awareness of systems & life experiences that affect certain demographics, and apply that knowledge to my offerings and approach
  • I strive for everyone’s voices to be heard in my spaces, by doing check-ins, using inclusive language, and enforcing community agreements
  • I strive to create content options that are accessible regardless of income, ability, or time flexibility
  • I position clients as the experts in their own lives 
  • My community encourages collaboration over competition, and recognizes that we are all on different paths/positions on those paths
  • I listen to community members with backgrounds, experiences, and/or cultures different from mine to create a welcoming space for all
  • Our Community Agreements outline the basic behaviors to adhere to, and world views that need to be commonly held in this community
  • I strive to create explicit business practices that invite in people aligned with my values
  • I strive to use non-gendered, inclusive and non-appropriative language 
  • We create a culture in which we expect to make mistakes and agree to adapt language, behaviors and practices according to what is needed by the community
  • I encourage the process of change to be one that happens within a trusting community

Community Agreements

By entering into any work together with THWA and being in community with other adventure seekers, you are agreeing to the following codes of conduct. If at any time these agreements are violated, we will remind you and give you the space to reflect and discuss privately. We may remove posts or comments in order to minimize harm, but we will always be open to conversation about it offline. I invite you to reflect on what might be coming up for you as you read these agreements. If you need support talking through any of this or what is coming up for you, please email Beth at [email protected] (monitored regularly).

Saying YES is about becoming explicit and intentional about what you want, need, feel, and witness. Entering into this community is an agreement to say "yes" in 7 ways:

  1. Agency: You accept ownership of your choice in the direction of your life path. You also respect others' agency by upholding boundaries, clearly asking for what you need, and being honest even when it is uncomfortable.
  2. Acceptance: You will work to sit with discomfort and to say yes to what is here. Learn to take what serves and let go of what does not.
  3. Compassion: You will not judge your or others' experience.
  4. Curiosity: You will adopt an attitude of curiosity and exploration to open to new possibilities.
  5. Intuition: You will be open to considering your full body's wisdom (heart, head and gut).
  6. Pleasure: You will hold and recognize (and hopefully chase) what you desire, rather than rejecting it.
  7. Resilience: You're deciding to embark on this journey, so ask for help to build the systems you need to keep going!

You will commit to showing up fully, to the best of your ability. You will prioritize your attendance at the sessions and completion of action items you commit to. Your coach is a partner on your journey; however, you alone are responsible for how you show up, what tools you utilize, and what outcomes you achieve. You are responsible for communicating your progress and asking for support when you need it (not when the program/course is over). You will show up on time, be aware of how much space you are taking vs. making in group spaces, and respect others’ time by helping to stick to time limits. You will not compete nor compare with other community members - we are all on different journeys!

You understand that coaching is an ongoing process, and that tools we learn are not meant to “fix” anything. We focus instead on the experimental, curious, playful, and imperfect process that will lead us toward personalized approaches and real transformation. There is no “right” way to do things, so we aim to learn from each other and honor individual frameworks.

Your story is yours to tell, and yours alone. We will not share your stories without explicit permission. You will not share any stories from your fellow community members without explicit permission. You will also not reproduce, share, or re-teach the proprietary intellectual property of THWA. If you wish to share resources, please direct your community to register for our free content, coaching, and/or other programs.

We strive to use non-gendered language (i.e. yinz, folks, friends) and the pronouns/names our community members identify with. We don’t use the word “tribe” (use “community” instead). We agree that words and their usage is important and agree to be “called in” around the words we use, taking ownership of both our intention AND our impact.

You will enter into space together agreeing to be willing to be wrong, for the benefit of your growth & learning. We will honor each other’s humanity and expect mistakes along the way. You will be conscious of using “I” statements (sharing your perspective, not others’), and listening to understand rather than to respond. We are willing to have difficult and uncomfortable conversations, and to accept non-closure and gray areas. “Be wrong, and be soft in your rightness.” - adrienne maree brown


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