You Should Ignore Our Advice...And Everyone Else's, Too

adventure individuality Oct 01, 2019

When it comes to figuring out how to lead your life, you have multiple (misleading) influences weighing on you from all sides - society’s norms, family opinions, friends’ or colleagues’ advice, and even input from strangers. If you choose to ignore those influences, and even make sure to use your own interpretation when reading articles like this one, you’re sure to end up in a much better situation. It’s something we’ll say over and over again in this blog - your life is yours alone to live. 

Instead of listening to outside influence, try listening to that voice within. Find your purpose(s), and you’ll find joy in your everyday life. And what does having passion and joy in your occupation do for you? These three things, for starters:


You’ll be more successful. 

Articles on well-known sites such as the US News Money Blog and Forbes Online support the idea that doing a job your love will bring you more success. You’ll be more motivated to do better work, put in more time, increase your creativity, and achieve your greatest level of financial success if you’re passionate about the work you’re doing. 


You’ll be healthier.

When you’re content at work, it overflows into the rest of your life. You’ll enjoy your time both in and out of the office (or field) more. You’ll take better care of yourself physically, have the mental space to know when you need to do some emotional self-care, and will be more satisfied overall. says it’s official that happiness influences your physical and emotional health, and they reference an analysis of over 150 individual studies that support that claim. Initial studies (further studies needed) seem to suggest that being content with your work can also affect a person physiologically, slow the effects of aging, and even heal wounds faster.

You’ll live without regrets.

Think forward 40 or 50 years, and ask yourself what you’ll want to remember looking back on your career. Will you wish that you had more phone calls to take during your child’s soccer games, or that you worked longer hours to meet that one project deadline 20 years ago? I doubt it. 

The International Career Institute pretty much sums up the whole point we’re making, when they say that the biggest regret people have at the end of their lives is not following their dreams. If you’re thinking about starting to do something that’s been a lifelong dream and running into roadblocks, how can you push past them despite the cost so that later you can look back on your life with pride instead of regret? 


Do yourself a favor, and now that you’ve read this blog, just trash it and ask yourself what your next move should be. No one else needs to weigh in to help you discover the passion you already know lives inside you.


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