The Power of Voicing Our Commitments

goals motivation Nov 25, 2019

Ever notice that the path to achieving your goals becomes clearer and more definitive when you say those goals out loud?

When you talk about what you want to achieve, you start to notice coincidences and connections that weren’t obvious before. It can feel like the universe is aligning to give you what you want, like something out there is granting your wish. The truth is, there is a power in speaking our goals out loud, but it’s not the supernatural kind (even though it may feel like it).

There are two primary reasons why vocalizing your goals can help them become reality: 

  1. We act on what we believe. Speaking out loud has an effect on your brain that leads you to believe what it is that you are saying. When you create those beliefs, you in turn start to act on them, and the cycle perpetuates itself. Psychologists understand this power and use it as the basis for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Athletes harness this power through visualization, a technique used to see and describe success before it actually happens.


  2. It will attract the attention of other people who can help you. The truth is that nobody reaches success in this world on their own, and most successful people know that. People want to help you and will offer assistance in the form of connections, information, ideas, and resources when they know what it is that you want. This is especially true for people who have already attained success in the same area that you are working toward. They remember what it was like to climb the ladder and they empathize with the challenges that you are facing. These individuals generally do not want any sort of compensation other than the positive feelings associated with helping out another person. 

So, how can you act on these two realizations? You can do the following:

  1. Talk to yourselves: Think about what you are trying to achieve and craft “I am” statements based on those things. Things like “I am a game designer” or “I am a marathon runner”. The more you say it, the more you will believe it, and the more you believe, the more you will act in accordance with your goal. Repeat these statements every morning when you first wake up and every night before you go to sleep.


  2. Challenge your current beliefs: Whether you are being intentional about it or not, you are already saying things to yourself every day. “I am not good enough for…” or “I probably won’t be able to…”. Just like talking about your goals can make them more likely to be reached, talking negatively about yourself can lead you to act in ways that hurt yourself and your potential. The next time you say something negative about yourself, notice it, and challenge it. Disprove that statement and come up with your ideal alternative instead. 


  3. Share with others: We know that stating goals out loud is powerful, but sharing those goals with others can have the added benefit of adding members to your support system. Build your support system and attain the resources that you need by talking with others. Just remember that while building your support system is an important step to reaching your goals, it is only a part of the challenge. Follow through to achieve your goals once your connections are made and avoid the trap of feeling like enough has been accomplished just by talking with people.

Talk to yourself and others about the things you want to achieve, the way you want to behave, and the person you want to be. Use this power and watch the universe align to help meet your needs.


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