Setting Mindful Goals

When setting goals, we typically focus just on what we’d like to achieve, how that makes sense in our lives currently, and how to quantifiably measure that goal.

Mindful goals are a bit different, in that they require your reflection and introspection in order to align goals with what is meaningful to us, shift our habits to live that out, and be able to feel real progress toward our goals, daily.

Let’s break that down and start setting mindful goals!


Do you know what your values are in life, what is truly important to you and brings you that sense of purpose? Being able to identify these values will give you what you need in order to set goals that bring you lasting fulfillment, instead of fleeting happiness.

Take a moment of mindfulness to become aware of the things in life that make you feel alive, invigorated, relaxed, and “right.” Sink into those feelings as deeply as you can, and sit with them, examine them. When you feel all of those things, what are you doing? Who are you with? What do you have in your possession? In the absence of any one thing, do those warm feelings go away?

Then reflect on your daily life -are you currently doing the things you imagined? Are you in relationship with the people who came to mind? Do you have the things you visualized?

if not, what would need to change in order for you to realize your vision of fulfillment? Center your goals around making those changes.



When you think about the values you identified, what are daily persistent actions you can take to live into those values?

Taking persistent action toward your goals, or to live into your values, is crucial to your fulfillment. You’re most likely to get off track toward your goals when you feel like you’re on track. That’s when you fall out of your routine or decide to skimp on a measure of success, or on practicing mindfulness. And when you stop taking those daily actions, your fulfillment and success decreases.

Make a commitment to yourself today to take action every day that makes you feel fulfilled and/or successful. No matter how small the action is, it makes a big difference.



Aligning your goals with your values, and aligning your values with your daily actions will shift your focus and reprogram your mindset. Without even trying, you’ll start prioritizing the journey over the destination.

When you’re truly enjoying how you’re living and what you’re doing, you’ll be consistently working toward the destination without having to constantly dwell on it and strive toward it. When you finally reach the mountaintop and achieve your goals, it will seem so much more meaningful because your success was hinged less on reaching that point.


Are you setting mindful goals that will bring you true fulfillment, or are your goals based on someone else’s definition of success?


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