Presence Practice for Your Routine

presence routine Oct 15, 2019

Too often, we send ourselves into a mental downward spiral when we fall out of our routine even for just one day. If you can work in consistent re-evaluations of your routine into your presence practices, you can avoid the feeling of self-loathing for breaking routine, and turn that into daily fulfillment and success.

Grab your journal, pull up your yoga mat, or take a walk in nature to write, meditate on, or ponder these thoughts:

  1. Your routine is a tool that exists to serve you - you do not serve your routine. Consistently re-evaluate whether your routine is resulting in more striving, or more fulfillment for you. Will you choose to give yourself a pass when you break your routine instead of beating yourself up over it? Is your routine something you’re excited about, or does it dreadfully loom over you? If you’re dreading it, change it!

  2. “The less routine, the more life” - Amos Bronson. Do you get more life out of focusing on your routine, or out of experiencing the moments? How much do you actually NEED to stick to in your routine? Reduce it down to only the things that are helping you achieve your goals or be the person you want to be each day, so you can have more time to experience LIFE.

  3. Striving shouldn’t be a status symbol. Are your daily tasks draining you? Are you just trying to keep up with your coworkers, peers, etc.? Is that truly worth it, to you, to live life that way? Start defining your life by the kind of person you are every day, and living according to what makes you feel ALIVE, and you’ll notice a change.


Allow yourself to experience daily fulfillment, stop striving, and start living! You deserve to live adventurously.


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