Presence Practice For Individuality

Letting others’ opinions of you influence your decisions - whether about how you present your individuality or how you choose to lead your life - may make you feel safe from harm, but ultimately it is LIMITING your potential to be the amazing person you’re meant to be.

Grab your journal, pull up your yoga mat, or take a walk in nature to write, meditate on, or ponder these thoughts:

  1. This life is an invitation to unashamedly pour out into the world what is at the core of your being. Whatever that is, it’s something the world desperately needs from you. Use this knowledge to appreciate yourself as a person, and everything that has made you who you are today.

  2. The only thing that you truly have the power to control is yourself. You cannot control the attitudes of others’ toward you, but you can choose your attitude when you wake up every morning. You can’t foresee every event of the day, but you can define how you will respond to whatever is thrown at you.

  3. Opinions voiced by others reflect less on your character, and more on theirs. Let people have their opinions. Develop a mindset to welcome them, then let them go. Don’t let your validation or lack of come from what others say about you. In the end, their opinions aren’t about you - they’re about the other person’s insecurities or ideas about how things “should be.” You don’t have to fit into that mold.

Practice these things daily, or frequently, because it’s not easy for your mind to master. We naturally WANT to gain approval and have others like us. But if you’re just staying safe and unbruised, is it worth sacrificing a fulfilled and deeply purposeful life?


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