What IS Presence-Based Coaching?

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you probably have noticed that we put a lot of emphasis on finding ways to be more present, and on building self-awareness. I want to chat with you about what we do and what in the world “Presence-Based Coaching” is! 

What is values-based lifestyle design?

So, first off - when we say we offer “values-based lifestyle design,” what do we mean?

Values-based lifestyle design (noun): The process of 1) digging through external pressures in order to identify what is truly important to you (values); 2) constructing a vision of your ideal lifestyle based on those values; and 3) removing financial, emotional, psychological, biological, and other barriers as you work toward that ideal lifestyle and become the best human you can be.

This is a 4-month process that our 1-on-1 clients work through with us, resulting in daily fulfillment and the ability to continue growing and achieving their fullest human potential. We do that through:

  • Challenging and overcoming your fears and perceived shortcomings

  • Teaching you the ability to stay present and to choose your reactions in all situations

  • Evaluation and re-evaluation on how you’re living out your values in your daily life

  • Constructing daily routines that result in the highest possible productivity and energy levels

  • Co-creating your strategy to move you forward in your new endeavors


What is presence-based coaching?

Presence-based coaching is my specialty, focused on pushing through barriers. The objective is to maximize your efficiency and productivity so that you’re stressing less and living more.

I’m a certified Human Potential Coach - So what does this give me the ability to do with you as a client?

Presence-based coaching (noun): An introspective exploration process that 1) connects the client to how they’re feeling at any given moment; 2) allows the client to grow in their ability to observe and respond effectively to those feelings, as well as external pressures; and 3) utilizes the clients’ feelings, motivations, and unlocked strengths to move them toward a desired outcome.

How does it work?
Our own perceptions and logic are often flawed, or influenced by something we are unaware of. In Presence-Based Coaching, instead of staying in the head and working out challenges logically, we dig into our body - our senses and emotions - to not only more effectively connect the dots and make progress, but to connect them on a much deeper, accurate, and meaningful level. By digging deeper, clients are able to find new resources within themselves to use to solve the problem at hand AND to apply when similar situations arise in the future. Essentially, we’re “teaching a man to fish” rather than “giving him a fish” by telling clients what to do outright.


Keep posted for more insights into our process and learn how building presence practices and strategy development go together as crucial components of our coaching programs.


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