Play Your Way to a Purposeful Life

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2020

What would be possible for you if you loved life, and believed life loved you back?

For me, Beth, I found a way to connect with everything I want to do, and have to do, playfully and purposely. This creative and intuitive rhythm starts on a daily level, and expands into the entire timeline of my goals - getting me where I want to be, while enjoying the process along the way.

Let’s talk about how you can do it, too, with the ADVENTUREWORKS Cycle.


The ADVENTUREWORKS Cycle is a 7-step process to finding and living into your purpose every day, so that you can experience true fulfillment in life.

Follow each step of the ADVENTUREWORKS Cycle (then modify and use it inline with your own rhythms):


    Every goal or aspiration opens up to you with a little inspirational nudge. It’s saying, “come create with me.” The magic lies in how you respond.

    Capture that spark of inspiration, and all that’s required of you here is to make the decision to see where it might take you.



    Start taking daily actions that align with your inspiration, and commit to living every day as a learning process. A great way to start doing this is to speak your intentions out loud each morning, then tune in to catch aligned opportunities to act throughout the day.



    Spend some time imagining what it might look and feel like to live into those intentions. Imagine what possibilities might exist on the other side of fear. This is the step of openness and removing limitations so that you can dream and allow your inspiration to take up as much space in your life as possible.



    Tune into your body - with meditation, time spent in nature, creative imagery, DreamWork, or maybe even herbal medicine like cacao - so that you can recognize which of your imagined possibilities are really drawing you in. You can utilize other messengers such as cards or astrology as well to playfully gather information and feel out the purposeful path for you, holding everything lightly along the way.



    Once you’ve imagined and intuited into the path that might be opening up for your purpose in life, implement something bigger! If you’re really feeling drawn in one direction, take 10-15 minutes every day to learn more about it. Start talking to other people who do it or are interested in it. Do volunteer work around this passion. Apply to some jobs that include it, if that’s relevant - remembering that it does not matter if you get an interview, because we are playing and learning.



    Look back at where you are at this point. You’ve developed a passionate and intuitive purpose, maybe even brought a few to the table. How does every step in this process integrate and give you strengths necessary to keep moving forward? How can you integrate your interests together and infuse them into your lifestyle? Where might these passions intersect with an opportunity for you to address a great need in the world? Start to solidify some pieces of your plan - or don’t, still playing - and see what new, integrated purpose starts to take shape.



    Do it all again. Hold all the pieces lightly. Get inspiration from where you landed during integration, develop your intentions into even more aligned and purposeful actions, imagine yourself going higher and further and deeper. Grow in your intuition and implement meaningful steps forward. Integrate, check on where you are now, and…you know what to do next. Repeat and repeat, and expect nothing but alignment from yourself.


When you commit to playfully and purposely living and your true adventure takes shape, the universe opens up to allow you to be who you were meant to be.


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