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Our Values

Who am I??

I had that question for SO LONG, and now that I am so much more connected to myself, I'm on a mission to connect you with who YOU are as well.

I'm Beth (they/them), and I am white, queer, non-disabled and spiritual (not religious). I am a certified Human Potential Coach and an equity-centered practitioner, and I have a vision of a society where each person is their authentic, essential self, connected with every other amazing being in this natural world.

I became a coach after waking up to realize that my degree in Public Relations and the jobs that followed were not aligned with who I am as a human. My business, "The Heart Wants Adventure," started in January 2018 as a blog to detail my transition from full-time nonprofit marketer, to outdoor educator, in case my story might help others. That desire to guide others in their transitions morphed into the coaching business it is today, established in June 2019.

Around that same time, my partner and I sold our house in the Pittsburgh suburbs, packing everything into our Honda Fit for our first snowbird season in Phoenix, AZ. While in Phoenix, we purchased a retired ambulance to convert into a mobile tiny home and have been traveling the country ever since. We've crafted a life of simplicity, meaning, and connection that would not have been possible had we said "no" to the call in our hearts to consider options outside the box.

The word "attraversiamo," meaning "let's cross over together" in Italian (from the book & movie Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert) is tattooed on my left shoulder and becomes more and more my guiding word with every year of my life.

As I embrace "crossing over" into new life chapters, I invite my clients into the wonder of this practice as well. Together, we'll harness the power of saying YES to your true life adventure so that you can walk through every day with clarity, purpose and ease. 


Shall we partner on your adventure?

I want to work with you as your Adventurous Living Guide if you are engaged, motivated, inspired, and committed to showing up in a more powerful & aligned way in your life. I want you to come ready to explore possibilities, shed the old narratives that defined you, and open up new doorways for you to create lasting transformation.

If you’re ready to step into real change, I’m ready to talk with you. Let’s get started.

Let's Go!

Relevent Trainings

Equity-Centered Coach Certification
Institute for Equity-Centered Coaching
Projected to Earn July 2022

Wilderness First Responder
February 2022

Cognitive Behavioral Coach Training
Lyra Health
June 2021

Associate Certified Coach
International Coach Federation (ICF)
Credentialed November 2020

Human Potential Coach Certification
Human Potential Institute
Earned September 2020

Mental Health First Aid


It's time for YOU to happen to the world.

Don't wait any longer as the world happens to you - it's time for you to flip the script and take ownership of your life path, leading you to balance, fulfillment, and ease.

On this free 60-minute call, we'll chat about your goals & your roadblocks, and gain clarity on your path forward toward your ultimate life adventure.