I guide purpose-seeking professionals to build balanced & fulfilled lifestyles...

... without waiting for retirement, quitting your job, or playing endless guessing games.


What if you didn't have to wait until retirement to have CHOICE in your life path?

What if, INSTEAD, you could feel confident and empowered every time you have to choose the direction you go? What if you knew what brings you clarity and meaning - even through times of uncertainty? What if you didn't have to pick between building a lifestyle that brings you fulfillment and making money? It's possible!

Wave goodbye 👋🏻 to frustration, feeling trapped, and wondering whether you're on the right path ❌

There's a more EASEFUL WAY to align your life with what's important to you AND make money doing it. I've created a system that I've applied to my own lifestyle (becoming a nomadic digital entrepreneur) and that influences transformation after transformation in my clients' lives. Now, it's your turn!

Hi, I'm Beth (they/them)!

I'm the founder of The Heart Wants Adventure, and I'm your "Adventurous Living Guide," a certified human potential coach + lifestyle design strategist who helps young professionals find clear direction for their life & career paths and step confidently into (lasting) transformation. 

My clients have created incredible lifestyle transformations such as:

  • Scaling back on full-time work hours to make space for entrepreneurial ventures in just 4 months
  • Stepping confidently into a new job in less than 6 months
  • Mapping out a clear path to ultimate career goals in just 4 months
  • Harnessing the power of intuition, deep imagination and presence for accelerated progress
  • Gaining confidence to fully embrace entrepreneurship AND solo travel
  • And showing up to work with purpose, boundaries and focus, based on what is truly important!

These are just some of the results that are possible. But I wonder, what would be possible for YOU?

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"You can find the most fabulous job or go on the most amazing adventure, but if these tools are not in place, you’ll miss it. Beth helped me through my divorce, through a job transition, dying parents. I know I’m going to have more failures, of course, but it just clicked. It just dawned on me during this really difficult time. I went, "I’m not panicking." About six months ago, if all of this was happening, I would have really been in trouble"

Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, United States

"My experience working with Beth is best highlighted when she led me through creating a “mindset flowchart.” It was designed specifically towards diminishing my fears so that I could accept that I deserved the life I dreamed of. My dreams became actual goals, and I started outlining what my fears were. Beth guided me to delve into the trepidation I had that was stopping me from living my best life. The path I was taking in my life had many options, yet Beth never told me what to do or presumed to tell me what the best option was, but her support and counsel led me to where I am today, closer to fulfilling my dream in 4 months than I had been in a lifetime."

Author & Tour Guide, United Stats

"Before I started working with Beth, I felt like I was on a hamster wheel in my coaching business. There were so many things I wanted to do, but I was overthinking it, and not getting as far as I wanted. Working with Beth has helped me simplify the way I think about tasks in my business. Her guidance helped me get clear on what I really want for my business. Over this 4-month program, I have had a clearer path of tasks to work on that has led to booking way more clients! I have also been able to downsize my other job and to have more freedom for coaching. I have been more productive in these last 4 months than i have been in the last 4 years with my business!"

Health Coach, Canada

"I absolutely love Beth's journey and her commitment to seeking out and following her own unique path and calling in life. She is so genuinely and authentically committed to supporting me in finding my own unique place in this world. She creates a safe space for you to open up and spread your wings as you test new waters and experiment with ways of being that you have had glimpses of in your dreams. It is a beautiful space to occupy and one that I hope anyone looking to embark on a new journey and design a truly fulfilling and awe-inspiring life will consider."

Mental Health Coach, United States

"Beth and I set out together to work through the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from solo travel and being the best leader for my own entrepreneurial endeavors. Through Beth's guidance I went on my first solo trip to Colorado in September 2020 and it was unbelievably liberating. I honestly don't think I would have went if it wasn't for her. I don't think I would be where I am in my personal journey right now if it wasn't for Beth's coaching. If you have a wall and you don't know how to work past it or even what that wall IS, like myself, then working with Beth is an excellent idea!"

Health Coach, United States

"Before I began coaching with Beth, I was feeling a major lack of focus. I would spend hours spinning my wheels in my head thinking of all the things I could or should be doing, and then felt so drained that I didn’t have the energy to actually do anything. Beth helped me to reconnect with what is most important in my work and to shift my energy from overwhelm, to playfulness and joy. I now show up to my work with purpose. Each morning, I have clarity on what I want to accomplish that will serve my greatest goals, and at the end of the day I feel proud because I showed up to my work with both focus and joy. I highly recommend coaching with Beth!"

Human Potential Coach, United States

"I wanted to see how I could live more adventurously and in line with my values. How can my partner and I make our dream adventurous life a reality? I really liked Beth's style and her slick systems. Now, I feel like I understand myself and the process I need to go through to make things a reality. I feel like I can show up and live life more intuitively now, which I struggled with in the past. I feel optimistic about the future and look forward to touching back to the programme tools."

Nomadic Birthworker, UK

"Working with Beth always felt like a co-adventure. She took me on visualizations that got me to confront the issues causing stress and overwhelm in my life. And wow, she has an uncanny ability to take my chaotic outpouring of scattered overwhelm and bring me to a more calm and level headed space. By the end of the sessions, I felt grounded and ready to step into life as my true self. Now, I'm more confident tackling my new business and know that calm is only a moment away when I need it. Beth, thank you for re-introducing me to my adventurous self - both inside and outside of my own mind."

Human Design Coach, United States

"Coaching with Beth has been an absolute game changer in my confidence and ability to stay present with my own coach training. Beth’s ability to actively listen to my concerns and problems allowed me to witness her amazing gift of intuitive wisdom and insight. She held the perfect amount of space for reflection and asked the powerful questions I needed to find my own personal power. I have no doubt Beth was an essential part in supporting my own abilities and gifts, in a way that allowed me to realize the depths of my own personal potential. If you are curious about what coaching can do for you, in any area of your life, then I would definitely recommend Bethany as part of that journey."

Human Potential Coach, United States

What's the DIY Lifestyle Lab?

Discover the transformative power of saying YES to your "Design-It-Yourself" lifestyle. The path to freedom is simpler than you think - and you WON'T have to wait until retirement, quit your job (unless you want to) and throw spaghetti at the wall to get there. There are four phases you'll go through to create your personalized roadmap to a lifestyle of balance, ease, and fulfillment:

Choose YOU with Certainty

Most professionals re-evaluating their careers get themselves stuck in a hamster wheel of logistics and FOBO, which leaves them feeling trapped, frustrated, and unable to move forward. What if I told you an aligned lifestyle was closer than you think? You will create a simple yet meaningful "inner compass" that can guide you into balance and fulfillment.

Plan with Clarity, Choice & Control

We say NO THANKS to the path that is fear-based, socialized, and externally-driven. You will create a personalized framework for visioning and goal-getting so that you can feel confidence and belonging with each step forward. No more self- (or other) imposed limitations, fogginess, or escapism. Just flow, ease, and structure that feels good for you and inspires others.

Transform with Confidence

By creating more confidence in your own creativity, resourcefulness, and wholeness, and by defining what's truly important to you, approaching change and uncertainty will be SO MUCH easier. You will WANT to step outside of your comfort zone to realize the transformation you've always wanted to see, partnering with fear AND failure to supercharge your journey.

Supercharge Your Aligned Systems

Because you know YOU better than anyone and not getting to your goals is NOT an option at this point, you need habits and systems that help you maintain on your way toward your vision. Shed the  way things "should" be or have "always been done," and make the journey FUN as you become the best you and create the best life you can imagine.

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It's time for YOU to happen to the world.

Don't wait any longer as the world happens to you - it's time for you to flip the script and take ownership of your life path, leading you to balance, fulfillment, and ease.

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